Registered Charity number: 515757

The Porthcawl Civic Trust Society was formed in 1970 and is one of a number of Civic Trusts to be found in Wales.


The main aims of the Civic Trust are:


  • To stimulate public interest in the area comprising Porthcawl and District.
  • To promote high standards of planning and architecture in the area.
  • To secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of histroical or public interest in the area.




As a means of trying to achieve these aims, copies of all applications sent to the Planning Department of Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) are obtained by the Society for observation and comment.


The applications are considered by the Society's Executive Commitee and comments are then passed back to BCBC.


The membership, currently standing at about 400, is kept informed of the Committee's work in the form of twice yearly Newsletters which are distributed to all members.


An Annual General Meeting is held in October of each year when members have the opportunity to comment on any espect of the Executive Committee's work.


Needless to say, the greater the membership of the Society, the louder its voice.


If you would like to know more, please contact one of the Society's officers or download and complete the membership form.





History of Porthcawl: The Society has produced 3 reports regarding the development and history of Porthcawl and a 4th report will be completed as time permits .   These report have been linked to this website so making them accessible to anyone who may be interested in seeing them.   Each report is over 100 pages long.   For more details see ' Additional Information'.



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